150th Anniversaray

Elementary High Honor Ceremony
Intermediate & Secondary High Honor Ceremony
Honoring Distinguished Students

International School Project ISP

Care Center Opening
Engaging Pupils through Cooperative Learning
National Educational Conference 2019

LEST Family Christmas Dinner

Teacher’s Day
Little Poet Reflections - Book Signing
Independence Day

Rest House Christmas Lighting

Supporting Students
Sports Department
MAP Workshop - Cyprus

Labor Day

Independence Day Breakfast
Autism Day at CARE
Easter Egg Hunt

End of Year Show KG1 & KG2

Fun Planet Trip End of Year Trip
KG1 - Star Venue
KG1 & KG2 Christmas Show

KG2 - Al Jameel Equestrian Club

KG2 Visit to the Eye Doctor
KG3 Christmas Show
KG3 Graduation

Mother’s Day

People at School
Shawatina Trip - KG3
St. Barbara’s Day

Welcome KG1

Welcome KG2 & KG3
Orange Juice
Little Stars at LEST

All about Chocolate - Grade 3

Upper Elementary Christmas Show
Anti-Bullying Week
Black and White Day


Faraya Trip - Grades 4 & 5
Boatbuilder Visit - Grade 3
Crazy Dress Day
Les Ateliers de Tyr - Grade 4

MAP Tests
Studio Al Assal - Grade 5
Mother’s Day
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Papyrus Recycling Factory - Grade 2
Rivoly Cinema - Grade 4
Sayed Fadlullah Library Visit - Grade 1
Tyre Ruins Grade 1
Sushi Time - Grade 4
Christmas Celebrations
Faraya Trip
Science Week
Olympian Gods and Goddesses - Grades 7 & 8 FS
Al Shouf Cedar Reserve
Senior Christmas Celebration
Kadisha Valley Hike
Visit to the Evangelical Church
Social Work Clothes Donation
2018 Scotland Trip
2019 Scotland Trip
Class of 2019
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