Science Week

The year has come to an end, but the burst of enthusiasm hasn’t worn off at LEST...

Our annual science week was full of new and fun learning experiences. LEST sixth, seventh, and eighth graders have demonstrated a great understanding of a wide range of scientific
experiments and presented startling facts that triggered students’ critical thinking and broadened their horizon. With great eagerness, they were able to engage young learners in many entertaining activities that tackled around 40 topics including Hygiene, Food Energy, Importance of Water,
Benefits of Charcoal, Effects of Technology on Vision,Solar System, Recycling,Interesting Facts about Ants, Bees,Spiders, Dinosaurs,and Chicken....etc. This ideas-bubbling week helped students to become more knowledgeable and responsible of their actions and choices.

Thank you for Ms. Salima Rizkallah and Ms. Eliane Attal for an exceptional Science Week!

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