Scotland Trip

A group of ten students from Grades 10 and 11 were selected to participate in a visit to Scotland from 10 – 25 June 2017. The students were guests of Carrick Academy, South Ayrshire, and were accompanied by Miss Andrea and Mr. Serge throughout the trip.

Whilst attending school, the students were allocated shadow students by their Scottish hosts and they attended a variety of classes and activities together. One of the highlights was when LEST students learned Scottish Ceilidh dancing and demonstrated traditional Arabic dancing for their new friends. The young people enjoyed participating in several outings and practical lessons together. Carrick Academy has an excellent reputation for its school of rugby and LEST students were given the opportunity to have some coaching from the school's experts.

When students were not attending school, they had a full programme of activities and trips to give them a rich and broad experience of Scotland's culture and history. Some of this year's highlights were archery lessons, speedboats on Loch Lomond, and a Segway tour with amazing views of the Perthshire hills.

We would like to thank Carrick Academy for being such welcoming hosts and for the full programme they provided for our time in their school. In addition, we would like to thank Miss Andrea's family and other Scottish volunteers who made this trip possible. The students had an amazing trip that they will remember throughout their lives!


"The Scotland trip was a wonderful experience that I will never forget. It included lots of fun activities and tours that gave us a picture of Scotland's culture and traditions. Special thanks to Miss Andrea who organised this wonderful trip!" LEST Student

"Being given a chance to travel to one of the countries on my bucket list was just incredible.. I've had some fun moments that I'll treasure for the rest of my life, such as going to the football stadium, the trampoline park, and meeting people that changed my life. I'm so lucky for the opportunity they gave me!" LEST Student


"We visited many amazing places, met wonderful people and learned a lot about Scottish culture, nature and history. We laughed, we cried, we danced! It was a trip to be remembered forever!" LEST Student

"Meeting new people, making new friends, getting to know new cultures, trying new food. Everything was perfect! I'd like to thank Miss Andrea and her family for being so welcoming and making us feel at home." LEST Student

"Going to Scotland was amazing! We had the best time ever and the people we met were very welcoming!" LEST Student


"We discovered and experienced many things, from living together to doing fun activities like hiking, swimming, shopping, high wire, going to school, and even staying with a host family. This was a great experience that will forever leave a great impact on my life." LEST Student

"The places we visited and the people we met made me learn about the Scottish culture. Visiting Scotland again would be a great idea!" LEST Student

"The Scotland trip helped build new friendships and introduce us to a different culture." LEST Student


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